Ode to Mum.

As Mother’s Day approaches tomorrow, I want to dedicate a little ode/poem to my mother. As she too is a poet (a much better one than me at that!) I thought what greater way to show and say how much she means to me.

Dear Mummy,

Words can nowhere near express,

the love I feel for you

you are my light, my guide, my lasting hope

that love is really true.

It is wider than the flowing sea

deeper than an empty pit

higher than a mountain peak

brighter than a candle lit

clearer than the morning air

plainer than the snow

sweeter than a juicy pear

a love I want to show

dear mother you are love to me

a love I long to keep

stay in my heart forever more

no longer will we weep.

Life has failed us many times

yet strength leads you through the dark.

You are the brightest light shining strong

You are a golden, radiant spark.

Sweet mother, happy mother’s day

Keep doing what you do.

You’ve made your daughter very proud

of her glistening precious jewel.



Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic mothers out there!



Proof of Love.

Showering of gifts

filter on through 

proving your love

in ridiculous ways

Drenched in luxury

soaked in hurt

proving your love

means no control

Downpours of decadence

wash over me

proving your love

showing your power

Floods of extravagance

fearing your rule

proving your love

wasted on me

Tsunami of treats

backed into corners

proving your love

cannot be tempted

Submerged in gluttony

a callous mistake

proving your love

proving my hate.


Taste of London.

David (my husband) and I are off to Taste of London food festival today. It’ll be our fourth year now and we are pretty excited. The novelty doesn’t seem to wear off! This is my birthday present to my husband. I know he loves his food, what man doesn’t!

Anyone reading this from London or the UK, you can still get tickets on the door for tonight or tomorrows sessions. It’s well worth the money. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a foodie or just enjoy eating then it’s the festival for you. If you fancy meeting famous chefs and getting advice or watching live cookery performances, then go along.

Here is the link to the website: