March 2013, sparked someone I knew to comment on my blog. She questioned my intentions and implied that I was seeking revenge on my deceased father. It horrified me. This was someone who knew my character, she knew what kind of person I was. I wasn’t attention seeking nor did I EVER talk about my father before. I quickly realised her opinions had nothing to do with me. She was just very short-sighted. This post received a breakthrough number of visits.


Someone questioned my “motives” today for this blog.

I instantly felt like a criminal as though I was doing something wrong. All I could do was smile. Smile to mask the tears I could feel rising.

My decision to publish my story was greatly challenged and the person in question seemed unconvinced by my response.

Was I seeking revenge? And if I was; then it wasn’t very nice.

Immediately, my answer was “No”.

It wasn’t enough.

I was then asked whether I was aiming to help people through my words. Of course I want to reach someone and know that my story is affecting people in a positive way. That they feel  they are not alone, that we can relate to each other.

As for revenge: I can’t deny that I do not want expose Him, I do. I want the world to know what he did to me. How…

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