“Vendetta” is about an incident that took place in the Supermarket. A well-known spot my father targeted me at. There were many things that could upset him here and many ways I could irritate him. I hated shopping with him, I dreaded the weekend because of the weekly food shops. I rarely shop in supermarkets now, instead I prefer to go online.


My father made it clear that he felt I had a clear vendetta against him. I could do no right as everything I did aggravated him or in his view was to hurt and annoy him. He often told me, one day he’d die because of me. My behaviour and attitude would push him so far that he’d have a heart attack from all the stress I caused.

In our usual place of arguments – the supermarket – my father chose to announce this “vendetta” I had against him. 

As I pushed the trolley behind my Dad (he never allowed me to be in front as that would mean I was leading him around), I asked him how much longer we would be. An hour and twenty minutes had already passed. He ignored my question.

It was a busy afternoon and the store was packed. I would occasionally have to…

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