Ray of Sunshine.

Ray of Sunshine.

Well. Here is the main reason why I paused my series of letters. I’m guessing the ultrasound says it all! Yes WordPress family, I am having a baby. Today was my first scan and we got to meet our little one for the first time. I wanted to break the news over WordPress so you lucky people get to meet this little chicken first! Obviously not before the hubby and grandma of course 🙂
We are completely thrilled and I promise to keep you all updated over the following months.


12 thoughts on “Ray of Sunshine.

  1. OhmygoodnessthatisthebestnewsIhaveeverheardexcusewhileisqueallikeajapaneseschoolgirlonasugarhigh!!!!!!!


    A baby, a baby you’re having a baby 🙂 (Do you know how hard it was to smush that sentence into one long word and leave it there? Worst OCD decision of my life!)


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