A Right to Expression.

Just swaying off the letter writing for one post as I encourage you all to find a safe form of expression. 

Mine is WordPress and I would like to make it clear as to why.

Venting anger in a safe way is important. Through writing, I can allow myself to feel negatively without letting it transfer into the outside world. I tend not to be an angry person and I am not a fan of confrontation but I feel I have the right to speak when I feel hurt or bruised. If anger is bottled up then it can cause severe distress in the long run. 

I may not present to the world that I am hurt in any way but that itself is a sort of safety barrier. One may not agree with the idea of blogging. It may seem self-indulgent and epicurean to some but that is not fair. I do not write for my own healing only, I write to help others release their emotions and pent up frustrations. Their responses are what matter.

I feel safe through WordPress. I do not offload onto my family and rarely onto my husband. I try to keep things positive with my good friends only focussing on the happier things happening in our lives. Of course, we do rant, don’t get me wrong but even I know that dissecting my abuse history with them might not be the best way to spend a coffee afternoon.

I apologise if what I say does offend. Just remember this. Others have people to talk to. I don’t. I don’t feel comfortable or feel comfort from talking about me. Certainly not directly to anyone. I find that very hard. Writing on the other hand, comes naturally. It is my form and right of expression. It is my release. Even when no one responds, someone is listening.

I only ever want to be heard.

7 thoughts on “A Right to Expression.

  1. Hi Ros…. After I came to the part where you apologize if you have offended anyone, I abruptly stopped, went back to the beginning, and started over thinking I missed something. Instead, I found the same kind, gentle nature you always use here. Very rarely do you ever say anything that reeks of being super-charged with emotion. Perhaps you do hold back, but you shouldn’t feel like you need to be reserved in this way.

    You are a human being, and as such as blessed with a wonderful span of emotions. Some of them are not convenient, and some of them are not fun, but they all have their place in how we process the events in our lives and the impacts they have on us. You have the right to share what you need to share however you feel is appropriate to say it. But you’re wonderful for not wanting to make others uncomfortable. The truth of the matter is, my dear friend, that there will be times you NEED to do so, not because you are being selfish. Because you are in need.

    So express away, hon. I have been busy and am behind every blog I follow. Every single one. For a bit I wasn’t even really doing much on mine. I saw this come up in the my reader and I wanted to stop by and let you know I am still around, and I am still listening, hearing. How apropos that it is with this post.

    With love,

    1. Amy! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Not to worry hun, we all have busy lives. You are a great listener and your support has not gone unnoticed so thank you. I never predicted that these people would be reading my blog. After all, they barely speak to me about my personal life or ask any questions when I’m around them so I have found it very odd that they have reacted so badly. I did not expect them to be following my posts. Most people tell me or talk to me about the blog either offering kindness and empathy or making it clear that is not their sort of thing. I bear no judgement. Everybody has a right to an opinion. But if it angers anyone so much that they need to confront me then perhaps they need to think about what has upset them and why they feel so hurt. Attacking me is not fair. I am allowed to express my feelings in the safety of my blog. I do not post cryptic messages on Facebook calling people names or bitch to my friends behind their backs. I use a method that freely allows me to vent. Sorry to ramble! It is just something I feel strongly about. Thanks Amy again for your continuous support. Ros xx

    1. I am lucky that I have your support. Only the fellow bloggers on here truly understand the importance of release. I have seem to have offended a few people recently. To be honest, I never in a million years expected them to be reading my blog so to find out they had was a complete shock. Never do they talk to me about my blog to my face so I find it odd that it has been taken so personally. Everybody has the right to speak their mind. I chose to do within my community. My WordPress community. Thanks Teela for you everlasting kindness.

      1. I have been shown such kindness by others here as well. It is the only support system I really have and it is my pleasure and honor to be able to show support.
        I am glad you are free to express yourself here and you should do that whenever you feel it’s necessary.
        Big Hugs to You.

  2. I find a beautiful strength in your posts. The beauty of using wordpress is, if someone is offended, they can just unfollow the blog…no one is obligated to follow or share…it is all authentic, free expression. My friends and family are great support, but there is so much that has been stuffed for so long…once I write it, I feel as though I have released it…the empty spot it leaves gets filled with positive words. The brain is a wonderful thing….

    1. I only ever talk from the heart. My words are thought through, I am not impulsive. The words are never written in rage. I cannot help how my words are taken, unlike others I do not feel able to share without guilt. I feel like I am burdening others with matters irrelevant which deep down I know isn’t the case. However, wordpress is a wonderful outlet. One that I am lucky to have. You are right. No one is under obligation to read my blog and if you choose to then you have the right to stop if it does not sit well with you. Thank you

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