The Pledge 2014 – an Update.

In January, I decided not to make any new year’s resolutions. Instead, I made ten pledges.

I wanted to see if I had begun any of them and how far along I had come in the last couple of months.


  1. Finish my autobiography – 😦 – I am yet to entirely complete my autobiography. However, I have begun to finish it so that in itself is a beginning. Add the fact that I’m re blogging it and I’m halfway there! I’m hoping it’ll be done and dusted by the summer.
  2. Find an exercise I enjoy – 😐 Mmm, struggling here. I enjoy many exercises especially dance but have yet to find something I really want to do. I’m not an outdoorsy person nor do I particularly like the gym yet I am aware of how detrimental exercise is to lead a healthy lifestyle – something that I try to always do.
  3. Look in the mirror again without fear – 😐 There has been a small improvement here! Not huge mind but something. Recently I have not felt repulsed by my reflection. I am hoping this feeling will last.
  4. Take more courses – 😦 I have not signed up to anything! Must get on this pronto!
  5. Say No! – 🙂 Yes! I am definitely putting this new skill into action. At work especially where I feel it has had the best effect. No longer am I putting myself under unnecessary pressure. It is not worth the stress. My health and peace of mind are already reaping the benefits.
  6. Take a holiday – 😦 God, this is depressing. I should have booked something in January but did not get round to it. I need some SUN!!!!
  7. See my friends more – 🙂 I feel as though things are beginning to fall into place here. I am seeing my friends a lot more and am taking the time to build and nurture my relationships. It becomes very easy to isolate yourself but that place is too lonely. My friendships are extremely important to me and most of all – I deserve them.
  8. Start writing to agents – 😦 I think we can safely say I have not done this. Fear of rejection? Maybe. Most likely laziness and the plain fact that I haven’t concluded my autobiography.
  9. Celebrate my birthday – 🙂 This I did! Earlier this month, I and three of my friends met for lunch on my birthday. It was intimate but lovely and I felt very special. This was only exaggerated the following day when my husband threw an indoor picnic for me as a surprise!
  10. Believe in myself and what I can do – 😐 I am more positive that is a given but there is definitely room for more in my life. The BDD and OCD hasn’t disappeared but my view on life is better. I have hope for myself now.

Maybe I will have succeeded more in another four months 🙂



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