What’s going on with WordPress?

Aaaaarrrgh! Frustrated doesn’t quite cover it! For the last two days I have been struggling to access my and anyone else’s blog on WordPress. I’m not entirely sure why and am uncertain of whom to get help from. Does anyone know what is going on or is anyone having similar problems? I can’t even get onto the Forum pages and up until a moment ago, I was not being “allowed” to write a post!

By a freak miracle, I can now 🙂

Very weird.


3 thoughts on “What’s going on with WordPress?

  1. [ Smiles ] This might sound a bit silly. Try using the Mozilla Firefox browser to access WordPress; you might see a difference; please let me know if it works, or not!

    1. Well I used Internet Explorer (old school!) and that works….thank you! Bit annoying as everything I do tends to be linked to Chrome. What’s going on with Google then? Thanks for your advice, nice to know I haven’t crashed! 🙂

      1. [ Smiles ] Strange issues, I guess.

        I have stopped using Google Chrome since January; so I am not affected.

        The irony is: Google Chrome used to be my favourite browser..

        By the way, you can download Mozilla Firefox unto your PC; it is one of the most secure browsers on the planet!

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