Addicted to Kisses.

Wash over me, your feathered brushes

touch my lips with tender nudges

be gentle, be reckless, feel liberated

unrestrained, wild but not complicated

hands in hair, pulling and tugging

bodies so close we’re practically hugging

breath on my neck like a whispering breeze

caressing my skin with a pleasing tease

etching your tongue around the rim of my lips

consumed in a haze, we lose our grip

on reality, time and where we belong

passion it burns, it trembles thereon

breaking away for a moment of air

our hearts are open our souls are bare

give little strokes, give velvety licks

give pressured pushes and unyielding flicks

make me feel like you’re the master

to stop now, well, it would be a disaster

feed my obession and grant my wishes

nourish my consuming addiction to kisses.

courtesy of Google Images.

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