Control me.

Don’t control me and hold me back,

you cannot criticize me with your verbal attacks.

My life is mine not yours to direct,

don’t bully me with the pain you inflict,

leave me alone and let me breathe,

get out of my space I beg you – please,

it’s getting harder to see the light,

and make me realize I can’t win this fight.

Don’t control me with your wicked words,

and evil swears that are always heard.

The money, the house, you can have it all,

but it will soon be your greatest downfall.

Your greed will leave you completely alone,

and I won’t be here in this tragic home.

It’s a prison, a jail, a rotten cell,

It’s my own, private version of a miserable hell.

I am lost in your world of poison and hate,

your control over me is starting to ulcerate.

I am losing my strength and my will to survive,

with your haste to condemn and to analyse.

I will never be the daughter you want,

My sister will be your true confidante.

I don’t want that role you put upon me,

I regret the choices I once made so foolishly.

Now is the time I must pay the price

and live this putrid, controlling life.


Written during the worst of the abuse.


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