May Day.

Every year as a child, my father took me to the local Bank holiday, May day fair.

It was a day I looked forward to.

Gorging on barbecued burgers, dancing round the maypole, listening to the town Mayor, carefully eating the moorish candy floss enjoying as it melted in my innocent mouth. Holding my father’s hand proudly as we explored the stalls, rushing to the fairground rides and screaming as we spun around on the teacups.

Happy memories.

They did not last for long.

We stopped going and very suddenly I had nothing to hope for.

Today is bank holiday Monday in the UK.

I am off to my favourite place in London.

Covent garden. 

The one place in the city that brings me calm. Even though it is constantly busy and packed with tourists – I adore it. The hidden alleyways and bustling market, the delicious Deli’s and gorgeous restaurants. My favourite shops all lined up waiting to be explored. Street performers enticing children only to scare them. I just love it.

My husband is coming too. There is no one else who understands my passion for Covent Garden better. He loves the history of it.

Happy Holiday everyone!



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