And he called ME “dirty”!

Can you believe he dared to call me dirty when you look at this photo? Just an example of the filth he was willing to live in and the amount of work he placed me in charge of. He wouldn’t touch it, he knew he had left it for far too long but it was my fault. I hadn’t cleaned it soon enough. The caked on dirt was massively unhygienic and greatly affected my Asthma. He didn’t care. He rarely used this bathroom. He never provided the cleaning products, it was up to me to do this, to keep the home immaculate. If it wasn’t then I was a “disgusting pig” who couldn’t give a damn about living a “clean” life.


2 thoughts on “And he called ME “dirty”!

  1. Such a horrid man; I hope you don’t mind me saying. You are absolutely right though – how dare he call you dirty when he was happy to live like that, and not even buy the cleaning products for you to clean it when he was expecting it of you?!!! I’m so glad that you are at least physically free from him now because you so deserve it 🙂 xxx

    1. Lucy, that is so strange…..I just posted a comment on your blog before reading this! We must be in tune with each other right now haha. Thank you for your comment and yes, he was a horrid man. Such a horrible man. I’ve got so many photos of the way we lived. It does make me feel ashamed that I accepted that kind of life with him but yes, I am physically free and I did escape his nasty, vicious prison. You deserve freedom in every way too. Keep strong xx

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