Bank of Insults.

I cannot tell you how many insults I’ve had hurtled at me over the years.

At first, insults and name calling were rare. Instead, he would mainly criticise my character. Later, these criticisms developed into slight nitpicking and nasty comments being made. Eventually, he began throwing insults at me too.

Although I can’t recall the number of times I have been insulted, the things he has said will forever ring in my mind.

Names such as:

Evil,  mean,  selfish,  rude,  belligerent,  lazy,  stupid,  unbearable,  freak,  insolent, filthy,  idiot,  immature,  idle,  moron,  pathetic,  nasty,  horrible,  cruel,  aggressive,  common,  imbecile,  uncivilised,  disrespectful,  vulgar,  cold-hearted,  arrogant,  dirty,  pig,  malicious,  vile,  abnormal,  petulant,  wicked.

They were incessant. Every day, one would be said, either in a fit of rage or aggressively muttered under his breath.

Standing alone, these words may not seem that awful. All parents get irritated by their children, no matter what age they are. However, hearing them every single day for sixteen years destroys any self worth you ever had.

It belittles you, defames your character, and as a grown woman having to endure them, it makes you doubt your own existence. It leaves you tired and weak until eventually you start to believe the names you have been given are the truth about who you really are.


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