‘No man is rich…

‘No man is rich enough to buy back his past’ Oscar Wilde

‘My one regret in life is that I am not someone else’ Woody Allen

My mother used to question me constantly,

Why won’t you leave him? Why did you choose to live with him? What were you thinking? 

She always wished for the past to change. To go back and do it all again.

I told her that everything happens for a reason, cliché as it may be, I believe it does. We all make choices in this life, some we regret and some we stand by. It was my choice to live with him and my choice to stay. I have to live with my choices. Do I have regrets? Yes, plenty. But do I allow them to control my present, my future? No.

We cannot wish to change our past. It is what it is. We can share with the world the parts that we need to share, and keep others hidden and close to our hearts. 

Do NOT regret your past, or try to buy it back. Do NOT apologise for what you have suffered or try to explain your decisions. I have learnt from experience you will be the only person to truly understand yourself as hard as others try. 

Life is good. It is now.


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