Who do you reveal it to?

It is so important to talk to someone, anyone, if you are suffering from any kind of abuse. For years I tried. I talked to friends, confided in them. I was rarely believed and often accused of being too dramatic. It was abnormal to them to hear such horror stories from a girl who appeared to have it all. They saw my father regularly. He would be well spoken, kind and showed clear affection and care towards me. But that was exactly the point; it was all a show.

I lost a lot of “friends” over the years. It made me doubt my father, questioning whether it was actually abuse or whether I was actually the problem. It was never physical, not in the literal sense, or sexual although he often made me feel uncomfortable. It was all mental, verbal and emotional abuse. This was much harder to define. Without scars, what can you prove? The threat of police resulted in mockery from him to me. He would accuse me of being weak and pathetic, attention seeking too. I often told him that all my friends knew what he did. His reply would always be “they will see you for what you really are”.

Perhaps he was right. After all, they didn’t stick around. It scared them. It’s a very lonely place to be when no one believes the truth.

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.


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